Policy Dialogue Body

Among the consortium members, this Body will coordinate on disseminating the project results to the policy makers; promoting inclusion of tobacco taxation issues on the policy agenda; and organizing an international research conference on tobacco taxation issues.


Members of Policy Dialogue Body are:


1. Mihajlo Đukić, PhD, Policy Dialogue Coordinator, Institute of Economic Sciences, Serbia
contact: mihajlo.djukic@ien.bg.ac.rs


2. Klodjan Rama, PhD, Development solution associates, Albania
contact: klodian.rama@gmail.com


3. Andjela Pepić, Ma, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
contact: andjela.pepic@unibl.org


4. Paško Burnać, PhD, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism of the University of Split, Croatia
contact: pburnac@efst.hr


5. Nita Bylykbashi Deliu, Ma, Centre for Political Courage, Kosovo
Contact: info@cpc-ks.org


6. Ana Mugoša, PhD, Institute for Socio-Economic Analysis, Montenegro
contact: ana.mugosa@ac.me


7. Tamara Mijović Spasova, Ma, Analytica, Macedonia
contact: tmspasova@analyticamk.org



Policy Dialogue Body

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