Survey on Tobacco Consumption in See Countries - Fact Sheet Montenegro 2019 (2020)

Survey on Tobacco Consumption in SEE COUNTRIES - Fact Sheet Montenegro 2019

Tobacco prevalence in Montenegro is still high, and its use brings major health-related risks to the population. Tobacco use increases the risk of developing numerous diseases as well as premature death. Montenegro has one of the highest smoking prevalence rates among adults in the Southeastern European (SEE) region, according to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates.

To confront the high prevalence of tobacco use and its adverse health effects, the government of Montenegro has adopted tobacco control legislation (for example, the smoke-free policy in 2019), but the burden of tobacco use remains high. For this reason, systematic monitoring of the implementation of these policies is required to ensure that they are having their intended effects and to strengthen enforcement.

These factors provided the impetus to conduct the Study of Tobacco Consumption in Montenegro, which captures information on tobacco consumption and tobacco control policies. The study used data from face-to-face in-home interviews of 1,000 adults from 18 to 85 years of age. The sampling frame was based on data from the latest census in Montenegro, conducted in 2011. The data were weighted according to five factors: geo-economic region, residence type, age group, gender, and level of education.

Fact Sheet STC-SEE Montenegro, 2019 - download here.