Round table on the topic "The importance of tax policy for reducing the use of tobacco products“ held in Podgorica

Institute for socio-economic analysis (ISEA) organized a round table on the topic "The importance of tax policy for reducing the use of tobacco products in Montenegro" on 11 December 2023.

The event was held as part of the project "Improving Tobacco Taxation Policy in Low- and Middle-Income Countries", which is implemented in partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago - Institute for Health Research and Policy. The goal of the project is to conduct high-quality economic research on the socio-economic impacts of tax policies in the tobacco field in Southeast Europe and support for dialogue through disseminating research results to decision-makers.

The round table brought together government institutions, the civil sector, and other stakeholders to discuss the main factors that influence young people to initiate using tobacco products, as well as to jointly identify measures that would reduce the chance of starting smoking among young people. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, Tobacco Agency, schools, universities, non-governmental organizations, and the Parliament of Montenegro attended the meeting. This was also an opportunity for ISEA to present the results of the research it conducted in the previous period on this topic, as well as on the topic "Tobacco Tax Pass-through in Montenegro".