World No Tobacco Smoke Day - Mission for Oxygen

Date: 31st May 2019

Venue: MARSH Open Space, Belgrade

Event was organized by Propulsion, a full-service agency specializing in social impact communications. MISSION: OXYGEN is a three-year corporate social responsibility program for primary prevention of smoking in pre-adolescents, children aged 10-12 years, led by Propulsion.

The program aims to promote the formation of healthy habits in children. Planned approach includes running a community program through elementary schools throughout the country, involving more than 500 children in extracurricular activities; bring “cool” and healthy lifestyle alternatives to smoking with up to 200,000 young people through a broad online campaign (Facebook, YouTube) and involving all stakeholders, especially educators and health professionals, and facilitating an advocacy campaign to strengthen tobacco control laws.

The IES representatives Jovan Zubović, Mihajlo Đukić and Olivera Jovanović participated in the event. Project director, Jovan Zubović, prepare a presentation about Tobacco demand elasticity (results of the survey in year 1) and take part in the central panel session, together with representatives of Public Health Care Institutions. The event was organized in Belgrade, Cetinjska 15, MARSH Open Space.

  • Panel session “Economic aspects of smoking” , May 31st 2019, Belgrade
  • Panel session “Economic aspects of smoking” , May 31st 2019, Belgrade