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Elasticity of Tobacco Products

Estimated price elasticities for selected SEE countries vary from 0.44 in Croatia up to 0.83 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which means that increase in prices of cigarettes for 10% per pack will lead to decrease in consumption of cigarettes by 4.4%-8.3%

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Tobacco Market

The total annual number of cigarettes produced in selected SEE countries increased from 36,100 million sticks in 2013 to 52,000 million sticks in 2017, while raw tobacco yields have decreased from 50,300 t to 42,500 t indicating rapid growth of its imports to satisfy growing needs of the industry

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Tobacco Taxation and Pricing

The total excise tax per cigarette pack, among selected SEE non-EU countries, varies from 0.79€ in Macedonia up to 1.55€ in Bosnia-Hercegovina, while the EU Directive 2011/64/EU requires it to be at least 1.9€

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  • WORKSHOP " The Elasticity of Demand for Tobacco Products by Income Groups"

    23 07 2019
    The issues discussed among others included the existing situation of tobacco consumption, normative regulation, and possible effects of the tobacco fiscal policies changes.
  • World No Tobacco Smoke Day - Mission for Oxygen

    31 05 2019
    Event was organized by Propulsion, a full-service agency specializing in social impact communications. MISSION: OXYGEN is a three-year corporate social responsibility program for primary prevention of smoking in pre-adolescents, children aged 10-12 years, led by Propulsion.
  • Research and Dissemination Workshop

    25 03 2019
    Research and Dissemination Workshop was organized by Institute of Economic Sciences and University Illinois at Chicago. The aim of the workshop was to inform participants how to write an accessible and clear policy report and policy brief for policy. Also, the aim was to prepare key messages for policy documents as well as for social media for advocacy groups, journals etc. Participants of the Workshop were all project team members.